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In this section you select the Laboratory to carry out the test work and the type of estimate you require. The budget estimate should only be used where you need a quick estimate and a rough idea of costs before proceeding. If you choose a budget estimate then you will need to request a re-estimate and this may delay your project.

If you require a competitive estimate for test work, then add a second request for an estimate with an alternative Laboratory. (Note: The Application & Certification fees are the same whichever ECB is used).

A re-estimate number should only be entered where a second or subsequent estimate is requested from the same Laboratory (i.e. enter 1 in the re-estimate number for your second estimate from the same Laboratory).

On completing the estimate requests, exit the database and await an e-mail from eu.bac to inform you of the progress.


You will be informed at every transaction

  • Receipt of new job
  • When a quotation has been completed
  • When there is a problem
  • When the work is completed
  • When a Certificate & Licence is issued
  • Any other information

For any correspondence outside the CMS, including samples sent for test work, please ensure they are marked with the Enquiry reference. Note the Project reference will be used for post approval activities but may also be quoted if relevant.

Accepting Estimates

Once you have received e-mails confirming that estimates have been added to your application, open the job and go to the Fees section.

To accept a Laboratory estimate check the green box and click amend.

When you wish to accept the full estimate, including assessment and certification fees for the ECB, click the ‘Confirm Order’ button.

Please note: The fees in this section do not cover factory inspection. Please contact your certification body to agree factory inspection fees.