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The eu.bac CMS is an on-line service to allow manufacturers to apply for a eu.bac licence for their home and building automation products. The Home Page allows the choice of 3 languages; English, French and German.

To apply for a eu.bac licence your product must be tested to the appropriate standard at an accredited eu.bac laboratory, in addition factory surveillance inspection and type testing is required periodically to maintain the approval. The application for all aspects of the eu.bac approval must be via this website and anyone wishing to apply must register as a new user of the CMS system.

Your application progress may be viewed through the CMS at any time, via a secure password system. Application for testing, surveillance inspections and certification are available within the CMS and each page has a help file to assist you in completing your application.

You have a choice of test houses and certification bodies within different European countries. Testing may be arranged directly with the eu.bac test house of your choice, however surveillance inspections and applications for the eu.bac licence must be via one of the eu.bac certification bodies (ECB).

In addition to applying for a eu.bac licence, registered eu.bac clients may also search the CMS for eu.bac approved products. This facility is available in the Licence section of the CMS, accessed via the home page. Products may be selected by; Product Type, Application, Brand Name, Type Number, or model number. Alternatively if you wish to confirm a eu.bac approval, the Licence number can be entered directly.

Full details of the eu.bac scheme can be obtained from Additional information regarding eu.bac approval may be obtained via any eu.bac certification bodies (ECB), of which contact details can be viewed within the CMS.

Registration page

The registration page requires a unique username and password, along with your email address. If your company has different divisions that require access to the CMS, then each division should register separately.

After registering you will receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your CMS account. It is important that after registering, you enter your full details in “My CMS Registered Details”.

Home Page

Each page will retain the header showing the eu.bac logo and confirmation that you are logged in. It is worth noting that whichever page you are in, you may return to the home page by clicking on the red circle, forming part of the eu.bac logo.

There are three areas of the CMS:

  • My CMS Registered Details
  • Job Tracking – this will allow you to apply and view all applications against your Client User account.
  • Licence database – this allows you to view all eu.bac approved products.

My CMS Registered Details

You will need to enter all your contact information, when applying for your first job. This information will then be transferred to subsequent applications without having to type it in again. Please note, that once you have completed your first approval this information is only editable via eu.bac. We would suggest that details are only altered if the change is permanent e.g. a change of address or phone number. If for example you have subsequent applications that require an alternative invoicing address, then you should register again under a new username and password.