2021-05-17 Revised Specific Rules (V5.2) are published The Version 5.2 offers more possiblities to connect actuators to the controller and the Interchangeability test procedure for 6-way valves
2020-02-24 As far as the CORONAVIRUS epidemic is concerned, the eu.bac association has approved the possibility of performing documented remote audits instead of in site audits.
All audit types are considered : the admission audits and the follow up audits.
The production sites which are concerned by the remote audits are those who are located in the risk exposure areas: the list of risk exposure areas is continuously updated by the Agence Nationale Franšaise de SantÚ Publique (French National Public Health Agency):

2017-12-02 eu.bac published a FAQ list concerning the certification and interchangeability of IZC based on EN 15500. This can be found inside under Certification Documents

Flow Charts for Registration and Application
Under Certification Documents you can find two Flow Charts to explain the way how to register as applicant to CMS and how to apply for Certification and add a new job.