2017-12-02 eu.bac published a FAQ list concerning the certification and interchangeability of IZC based on EN 15500. This can be found inside under Certification Documents
2017-06-26 eu.bac terminate Energy Efficiency Label by 1 July 2017 because of Revision of European Commission framework for energy efficiency labelling and repealing Directive 2010/30/EU to provide legal and financial damage for user.
Does not influence the eu.bac certification scheme

2016-04-07 eu.bac published a revised Price list for certification and labelling to cover the Interchangeability Registration. Furthermore the validity of the Energy Efficiency Label is extended to 6 years (3 years before)

2016-04-07 eu.bac published revised General Rules (V 15) to include the new requirements for Certification Bodies and Test houses by the change from ISO45000 to EN ISO/IEC 17065.

2016-04-07 eu.bac Certification allows now interchangeability of qualified Actuator/Valve Combinations in eu.bac certified Control Loops
Each eu.bac test report will show in future an Acronym describing the tested actuator/valve combination. Each control loop element with the same acronym and listed by eu.bac, can be used with this controller, except for special requirements from the controller concerning the electrical interface or defined by the controller manufacturer
- Please check the revised Specific Rules for IZC V 4.5

2015-03-30 The VAV testing, certification and labelling is available now. The first official test rig is installed and ready at the CSTB test house. WSP will follow soon

Flow Charts for Registration and Application
Under Certification Documents you can find two Flow Charts to explain the way how to register as applicant to CMS and how to apply for Certification and add a new job.